No Boundaries – Lecture with Shai Orr – English Subtitles

‘New! The lecture “No Boundaries” with English subtitles  ‘From Fighting to meeting our children

A lecture with Shai Orr with English subtitles

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No Boundaries – Lecture with Shai Orr – English Subtitles



 The live lectures tour in Israel has ended. Thousands of parents have participated. Now, for the benefit of our overseas followers – Thanks to Gal Sivan who translated and created the subtitles – we can offer this revolutionary lecture to our English listeners. Briefly: The lecture offers an innovative perspective on the power struggles between parents and children. The perspective of Miraculous Parenting. It turns out that when a child insists and opposes and struggles with us – he always has a good reason. A reason to be discovered, respected and listened to. By listening, the struggles become unnecessary and disappear. It turns out that our children do not struggle with us so we will set boundaries for them. They fight us so we stop being childish and reactive. While fighting us they actually insist to urge us back to our senter and To lead our family enthusiastically, out of our deep truth. Who is it For? The lecture appeals to parents who, out of desperation or exciting choice, have already decided that they do not wish to be only in a “functioning State” at home. Parents who prefare a deep and meaningful encounter with themselves and with their children, even in times of conflict and difficulty. About the lecturer: For the past 25 years Shai Orr has been a therapist and parents’ guidance. In the early 2000s he established and was the Director of an innovative school based on his approach to parenting. Today Shai Orr is invited to lecture throughout the country, is regularly invited to be interviewed as an expert on parenting in the Media, and trains professional therapists in Miraculous Parenting. Thousands of parents in Israel and around the world read his books and adopt his revolutionary approach as a way of managing family life. His approach has already become a popular alternative to traditional parenting approaches. Married to Orit feyul Orr and father of 3 daughters .
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