A Woman Knows

This book, like a circle, has no beginning and never ends, but rather enters every time anew, through different gates, into the same place. Various paths split and lead to the woman that we are. These words are the starting point of the journey called A Woman Knows – a journey to encounter 12 women, 12 characters who exist within you and plead – not always successfully – to materialize in your life, your work, your relationships. Is the Brave Woman that you are responsible for the fateful decisions in your life? Was it the Loving Woman that spoke with your partner last night? Is the Beautiful Woman that you are, smiling at you from the mirror, when you choose what to wear in the morning? Have the people around you had the chance to meet the Big Woman that you are, or are they your accomplices to shrinking and concealing her? Orr’s rare gift of healing is revealed in this journey not only through the direct and simple encounter with your true self, but also though the enchanted writing that allows you to delve into the depths where real transformation occurs. Every woman you’ll meet in this book, will offer you a new language and accessible mental tools to let the Touching Woman or the Present Woman or the Happy Woman come back into your life, to proudly and unapologetically lead the next chapter of your professional development, your relationship with your present or future partner, your motherhood, your connection with your body and your place in the community. Have you ever stopped the entire world just to listen to your voice? Is your voice heard through your roles as a working woman, a mother, a spouse, a grandmother? In the past 30 years,


אהבתן? שתפו

A Woman Knows


Orit Feyul Orr met thousands of women in the peaks and troughs of their lives. She wrote A Woman Knows to remind you to listen to yourself, to urge you to look in the mirror, meet your innate unbreakable feminine power and allow it to take the lead on your life. As a therapist, group facilitator, women’s leader and founder of the School of Goodwitches, Orit Feyul Orr knows closely the paralysing fear that runs through the generations – the fear to be a free, confident woman. A Woman Knows, which has already become a book of prayer and inspiration, a guide to personal growth for thousands of women, will remind you of the wise, big and creative woman that you are, and will shake you out to the life you were meant to live, fearless and uncompromising. Daughters, Mothers, Grandmothers. I wish us to love ourselves to no limits. To feel that we are good and worthy and that we deserve everything. Because we are women. We can break the circles of destruction, tear down the billboards, stand naked in front of the mirror and dare open our eyes, look clearly, smile, and laugh out loud. Let our lucid gaze caress every part of our bodies, let ourselves love, be at awe, let loose. Because we are women, creating life out of thin air. That’s how we are.

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