“Today I made one of the most important purchases of my life. I bought Shai Or’s book, ‘Miraculous Parenting’. I sit and read and every line moves me and makes my heart pound. It’s unbelievable. I want to scream. It’s like someone has given a clear and precise voice to my most secret thoughts. There is no language of boundaries and education here. There is a language of encounters and deep listening. There is a new language here.”


“What an enormous gift it is to be a parent, what a wonderful choice, so powerful, and how much care is required when playing with this gift. And what a simple joy there is in being a human, who simply investigates and listens to himself and his surroundings. There is no moment easier to begin and to move forward than now. Thank you for your writing, thank you for your devotion in writing, for your freedom of thought. Tears of emotion and love are welling in my eyes.”


“Every word gives me shivers of pleasure. And excitement. I want to say thank you! Thank you so much… what magic you have done 🙂 I immediately felt a desire to give the book to my mother as a gift. Then there is the fear that she will take it as criticism or judgment of her parenting. But if the words reach her heart, maybe we can still heal the old wound between us, and within each of us. This gives me hope.”


“I can hardly put it down. It moves me to tears. Refreshing and precise thought on the wonderful relationship between parents and their children, between children and their parents. The contract between them, and how to honor it.”


“Thank you for enlightening me. You gave me the opportunity for a new and very refreshing look at my parenting and at the way I listen to my beloved children.”


“Is there a father or a mother in this audience? If so… do yourselves a favor and listen closely—buy this book, it can change your lives. It changed mine… thank you Shai—a precious man!”


“I began to read and I’m reading slowly and carefully—contemplating every word and idea. It’s an amazing book! The thought within it is true and the writing suits me perfectly. I am only at the beginning but the understandings have already begun to flow. About myself, about my parents, about my son and about my friends. Thank you for this book! The change is flowing already.”


“With every page I am moved, and reminded of the child I am, of my requests that I abandoned somewhere along the way, because I stopped believing that there was someone who would listen, I read and thank the universe that there are people like you, human angels who don’t let us fall asleep and sink into forgetfulness.”


“I wanted to say thank you! Thank you for being able to write what I have been thinking but can’t express so well in words, thank you for writing everything I felt but haven’t always been able to implement and most importantly, thank you for reminding me what is really important, which I often forget as I am sucked into my burdens, thank you for an amazing and exciting book that clarifies what I wish to aspire to as Efrat, as Mom and as someone who raises other parents’ children, thank you.”


“I connected very very much and even on the first day after reading just the first few pages I was able to change something in my approach, we start small and it slowly seeps in. I grew up in a very very negative home and therefore my ‘operating system’ is programmed to think negatively: first ‘don’t do this’ or ‘not like that’ instead of saying: ‘This must be done this way’ or ‘Come and I’ll show you how’. It’s so simple, but so so hard!!!!!! It really is completely changing a way of thinking and because that way of thinking is so basic to our existence, it’s not easy at all to change it. I’m working hard and the results are apparent.”


“Hello Shai, your book is indeed eye-opening and rousing. It touches the reality and accompanies it in almost every moment and every situation. You have thrown a massive stone into the great sea… seas of kindness and expansion.”