It doesn’t matter if you came because you want to enjoy parenting, because you’re in despair after trying everything possible to make order in your home, or out of a burning desire for something new…  Whatever the reason, we invite you on a journey where your personal development and your parenting mesh together. On the way we will find ourselves creating a humanity where children and adults no longer need to battle so that someone will truly listen to them.

Miraculous Parenting brings a new perspective to living with children.

It is designed for parents who want to be excited by their parenting.

Parents who are willing to ask hard questions about the basic principles of their parents and the culture with which we were all raised. People who are willing to build a home for their children based on entirely new foundations. Complete acceptance, honesty, closeness, and absolute trust. Without threats, without punishments, and without relating to those who are dear to us as if we have to shape them and teach them what’s good for them.